The Company

PERFECTLY FRANK iNC. is your eyes and ears, helping you maintain a standard of excellence that ensures you are a competitive force in your market.

PERFECTLY FRANK iNC. is a boutique mystery shopping company, established in 2004 to meet the unique needs of clients within the hip-luxury arena. We know that your customers have discerning paletttes, high demands, and great expectations. We provide detailed reports which capture a visit to your establishment, so you can ensure that your standards are not only met by your staff, but exceeded.

PFi has gained a reputation of providing reports of a consistently high standard. By combining detailed reporting with quantifiable results, you are able to see where strengths and weaknesses lie and use the information to improve your services.

At PFI, we are less forgiving than a friend and more astute than your average customer.

PERFECTLY FRANK iNC. employs only the most professional and reliable shoppers. You can feel confident in having a dependable, unbiased report of what goes in your establishment.

PERFECTLY FRANK iNC.'s personalized approach ensures that your reports are customized according to your unique set of priorities. Using our unbiased, honest reports, together we can ensure that your business performs optimally-maximizing revenues and providing first rate services.