PERFECTLY FRANK iNC.'s personalized approach ensures that your report reflects your unique set of priorities and goals.

PFi reports evaluate the level of service, the integrity and responsiveness of staff, general site aestheics and the overall customer experience.

Through PERFECTLY FRANK iNC.'s personalized approach, we work with you to fully customize the PFi reports to your needs and standards. As yoru goals change, so can the reports.

PFi reports are known for their level of detail. we understand as discerning clients you want more than a grade, you want an explanation. As such, the questions are coupled by a detailed narrative so you can feel as if you are walking through the experience with our shoppers.

PERFECTLY FRANK iNC. offers various options regarding the frequency of site visits. We offer one-time site visits or regular check-ups throughout the year, dependent upon your needs.

In order to gain a clear indication of trends, performance and standards, it is recommended that PFi shoppers visit your site at least once a month. With more frequent visits we can assess different shifts and present greater insights and comparisons, as needed.


PERFECTLY FRANK iNC. reports are all viewable on-line so that you can access the most recent reports, as well as review older ones. One click will take you to a specific site report of your choosing.

Clients are given a unique username and password, which allows for unlimited access to the secure PFi program site. You can define who has access to the on-line reports, naming as many people as needed.

One on-line, you can view the reports from your different sites and click on the report you wish to review. That will then take you to the specific site report.

PFi also offers analytical reports so that you can compare your different locations, as well as perform trend analysis of one location over time.